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It can be challenging to decide what tracks to use in your latest MixBANK upload. That’s why we’ve released our DJ Catalog Search to help DJs distribute more remixes & mixes.

Over the past few years, we’ve amassed a huge catalog of tracks from rights holders (labels, publishers) worldwide for use in mixes & remixes. Enabling our community of DJs and producers to get that content distributed to music services has always been the goal at Dubset. Since launching MixBANK in 2016, one of the most common requests we get is a way to view those useable tracks and understand where they can be distributed.

We’ve just released a new feature that opens the door to millions of tracks — a catalog search tool built for DJs and producers looking to distribute mix & remix content through MixBANK today.

Understanding mix and remix distribution

We designed the Catalog Search to give our community of DJs & producers transparency into the distribution process unique to MixBANK. For every track you’ll see the distribution status boil down to 3 distinct categories:

  • Cleared: Labels and publishers have given permission for the track to be used
  • Pending: Labels and/or publishers have not given permission for this track to be used
  • Blocked: Labels and/or publishers have decided to prevent this track from being used in mixes and remixes

These statuses are reflected on the track details page for each title, broken out by music service and content type (remix, mix). Once you’ve found a song that interests you, click the track title or the arrow on the far right of the row to view track details. On this page, you’ll be able to view how and where DJs & producers can distribute this content. The information reflected here is based on permissions labels and publishers have given to DJs & producers using MixBANK.

Once you’ve found a song that interests you, click the track title or the arrow on the far right of the row to view track details.

Different looks of the distribution table

As you begin browsing, there will be a few different combinations you’ll see reflected in the track details. We’ve selected a few examples below to better understand what you are seeing and what it means for your content uploaded to MixBANK.

Cleared status
When you choose a track that has been approved for everything, you will see green all over the table. Below, the distribution table lets us know the track has been cleared to be used in mixes and remixes distributed to Spotify and Apple Music.

Pending status
Tracks that are available in the catalog search but appear as pending mean that we still need some permissions from the label or publisher before we can start distributing mixes & remixes using the track. This status is likely to change, so we recommend uploading mixes and remixes that contain this content while the Dubset team works to get it distributed for you.

Combo status
Here you’ll see an instance where the content is cleared for some usage, but pending for others. The particular case shows a track that has been cleared for use in mixes and remixes distributed to Apple Music but is still pending permission from the label and/or publisher for Spotify.

Blocked status
For the final example, you will see a track that is blocked across the board. This means that any mix or remix you upload will be immediately blocked from distribution. If you have mixes or remixes that include this track, we always encourage DJs and producers to upload it to the platform because rights holders often change their minds and can change a track to cleared on a moment’s notice.


Searching for tracks

To make it easier for you to look through Catalog Search, we added a few features that will help you track down the tracks

1. Browse with filters

The filters are located on the left side of the discover page. As you begin to type in any of the filters, MixBANK will make suggestions based on the content in our system. Here are the filters available for you to refine searches:

  • Track title
  • Artist name(s)
  • Album title
  • Label name

2. Use the Smart Filter

To help handle with bulk requests, we added a tool called the ‘Smart Filter.’ This allows you to search for dozens of tracks and/or artists at the same time, on the same search. Maybe you have a mix or radio show tracklist that you want to check up on, or a list of tracks you want to remix next — this tool was built to make your research simple.

To activate the smart filter, click on the option in the toolbar. Use our template or input an artist + track titles or standalone artist to view all of their tracks. Once you are ready to see the results, click ‘Run Smart Filter.’ If you want to download the template now, click here.

3. Featured section

The featured section is where you can check out promotions and our regularly curated staff picks. Navigate to the featured section then click one of the tiles to view the tracks and details.

Mixes and remixes are the new normal

The way mixes and remixes are distributed is changing forever, and MixBANK will be the central place to get this content distributed today and for years to come. You need to continue getting your content into the hands of eager fans and Dubset is striving to make that process easier everyday. Through education and accessible tools  — we’re building the features that will help you achieve that with your mixes and remixes.

Ready to start uploading? You can sign up today.

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